Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol HD

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

MIssion Impossible 4 Ghost Protocol (2011) ปฎิบัติการไร้เงา

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol IMF Agent Trevor Hanaway is murdered in Budapest. Sabine Moreau kills Hanaway and then takes the file that contains Russian launch codes and sells it to a person named “Cobalt”.

Ethan Hunt , an IMF agent, is detained in the Moscow prison to get Bogdan who is a source of details about Cobalt. Hunt as well as Bogdan are able to escape with the help of Jane Carter, Hanaway’s handler and Benji Dunn, a newly appointed field agent. Hunt is given the task by the IMF to break into the Kremlin to try to gather information on Cobalt. Hunt’s team is forced quit the mission when an insider’s revelation uncovers their activities. A bomb destroys a large portion of the Kremlin. Carter and Dunn escape , but Hunt is arrested and is accused with murder by SVR agent Anatoly Sidorov for the destruction of the Kremlin.

Hunt escapes to Moscow and is greeted by the IMF Secretary He is there with William Brandt, his intelligence analyst and his aide. Russian authorities dissentrate Hunt and inform Hunt that President Obama initiated the “Ghost Protocol”. They denounce the IMF however, in secret Hunt is instructed to continue his search for Cobalt. Hunt is taken prisoner by the Sidorov’s soldiers and then killed by the Secretary. Hunt as well as Brandt escape and reunite together with Carter, Dunn and the other members of their intelligence. Hunt and Brandt confirm Cobalt as Kurt Hendricks (a Swedish-born Russian nuclear strategist who is seeking to initiate the process of launching a nuclear conflict between the United States and Russia). Hendricks utilized the Kremlin bombing to cover the theft of the Russian launch control device. He is now planning to sell the device to Moreau in the Burj Khalifa in Dubai to try to acquire the necessary launch codes. Hendricks plans to utilize Leonid Lisenker (a cryptographer kidnapped and held captive by Wistrom) to verify the codes.

IMF group intercepts launch codes, pretending to appear to be Hunt and Brandt to get the codes from Moreau. Carter, who is located one floor lower is dressed as Moreau and gives counterfeit codes to Wistrom, and Lisenker. The IMF team implement their plan following a great deal of planning. Hunt climbed the Burj Khalifa’s exterior to gain access to the server. Hunt is forced to hand over the actual codes to Lisenker since he is able to authenticate the codes. He uses radioactive elements on paper to locate Wistrom. Wistrom is killed by Lisenker with a preemptive strike and escapes into the storm. Hunt, Sidorov and Carter are then able to capture Hunt and kill Moreau to stop their pursuit.

Bogdan assists Ethan discover a new suspect. Carter and Dunn confront Brandt who engaged in a fight in Dubai with a remarkable level of ability. Brandt acknowledges that he asked to be removed from duty due to being assigned to a security section. He also did not defend Julia Meade (Ethan’s ex-wife). Hunt was later arrested by Serbian criminals who had murdered her.

Ethan is escorted by the Fog toward Mumbai. In Mumbai, Hendricks will negotiate with Brij Nath who is an Indian media tycoon, in order to get the control of an old Soviet military satellite. Hendricks is stopped by the IMF team. Carter seduces Nath to get the satellite override codes. Hunt, Brandt, and Dunn attempt to block Hendricks from using Nath’s broadcast station. Hendricks has already provided launch codes to the Russian Delta III class nuclear submarine in order to send a missile towards San Francisco. Hendricks also shut down Nath’s computer system. Carter, Brandt, and Dunn fight to bring the systems back online to transmit the codes for override. They then get into an argument between them Wistrom who is murdered by Dunn. Hunt is the one to follow Hendricks to the car vending machine, where they engage in a fight. Hendricks is killed by launching the device before the missile strikes. Brandt’s team puts the systems up and running, and Hunt is thrown down to disarm the missile, while Hendricks passes away. Sidorov is able to confirm that the IMF was not the intended target of the Kremlin bombing.

Following Ethan agrees to a new assignment from Luther Stickell, the team gathers in Seattle. Ethan discovers that Brandt has admitted to Julia about his inability to defend her. Ethan informs Brandt that Julia’s “death” as well as the murder of the Serbians as well as the murder of the Serbians were part of a conspiracy against her. This doubled as a cover to enable him to enter the prison and capture Bogdan. Brandt is relieved and accepts the assignment and is appointed an agent once more. Julia is at the harbor , and Ethan and Julia stare at one another from a distance. Ethan goes off while he watches as the IMF informs him about the terrorist group called “The Syndicate”.

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